Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A tribute to a dear friend: A newsman with a big heart

A dear friend, a legendary journalist, VK Chin, passed away early on Sunday, June 12. I was asked to write the obituary for The Star.

Apart from the official chronology, I ended the obituary with these words:

For me, V.K. was not only my boss, he was my mentor, my father figure, and a true friend. I was his regular breakfast companion and he would have one hard-boiled egg (without the yolk), a banana and a cup of coffee each morning. I consider our conversations at those times priceless.

After he left The Star, we continued meeting up, with two other friends, almost weekly, for breakfast or lunch. The hospital also became a regular meeting point in the past few years as he went through many ups and downs.

I managed to see him twice at the hospital last week, after my doctor had given me the green light to visit since I am myself going through a medical journey. Though he was unwell himself, he had wanted to make sure that I was okay.

This is the V.K. I will cherish a humble man with a big heart. He will be deeply missed.

Read the full obituary here.

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