Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A little book with an amazing journey

In this latest edition of Face to Face with Cancer, my wife and I share our thoughts on my two journeys with cancer. The book speaks of God's faithfulness and many blessings in our lives even as we go through these tough times.

Our stories should make you reflect, laugh and maybe shed a tear or two. The print edition is now available. Like our earlier editions, these books are primarily distributed for free to various cancer support groups, oncology wards, and individual patients and caregivers.

If you desire print copies please email Ewe Jin at ewejin@gmail.com. To read the pdf version, look at the links on the right.

For a bit of history, the first edition of Face to Face with Cancer was published in 2000. A second edition came out in 2004 and a third edition in 2006. That was also the year a Chinese edition was published. All in, 12,000 copies were freely distributed to cancer wards, churches, and anyone who asked for it. Thanks to generous sponsors, we have been able to print another 3,000 copies of this latest edition.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story and your book. God Bless You.