Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Connecting across the globe

A visitor to this blog shared with me his journey being a caregiver to his wife. It was such an interesting story that I managed to get it published in The Star today (Nov 21 2012). Cameron reminds me that we are all connected in wanting to share and encourage one another, near or far.

A pillar of strength in his wife's cancer journey


One writer shares how he cared for his wife through her cancer journey.
THREE months after experiencing the joy of fatherhood for the first time with the birth of my daughter Lily, I learned my wife, Heather, had mesothelioma, a rare and very deadly form of cancer. I had expected to spend the next few years caring for an infant and toddler; I never dreamed I would become my wife’s caregiver during her difficult time.
I will never forget the helpless feeling of sitting in the doctor’s office while my wife cried at the news we’d just been given.

Read the full article here.

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Cameron VSJ said...

Thanks Ewe Jin! You've been such a great help and I appreciate it so much.